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In Search of the Facts

A Team Focused on Uncovering the Truth

20/20 Forensics was founded by John Vander Burgh, CPA as an outgrowth of his work with the FBI, State Police, State’s Attorney and U.S. Attorney’s office.


A Certified Fraud Examiner and CPA, Vander Burgh has spent the past 20+ years working in audit, tax and finance as well as teaching at the college level.


The team at 20/20 Forensic Accounting is detailed, persistent and dedicated to revealing the truth. We work with local municipalities, companies and organizations to uncover fraud, recover losses where possible, and reduce the likelihood of fraud recurring.


We've supported local and national law enforcement agencies in creating solid litigation support. Our work is also complementary to traditional accounting firms when fraud or asset mismanagement is suspected.

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