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Founded by a Certified Fraud Examiner, 20/20 Forensic Accounting specializes in fraud detection, investigation and prevention. We work with municipalities, companies, organizations and law enforcement to uncover fraud, provide litigation support and recover losses where possible.


Call us today to learn more: 217.331.6691


Common Fraud Misperceptions*


“John played a critical role in moving this investigation forward. Their team was extremely professional and even helped us secure fidelity bond proceeds. We highly recommend using their services.”

Phil Watson
Mayor, Tower Hill, IL

Ready to find out more?

The team at 20/20 Forensic Accounting would love to talk with you. It is our goal to partner with every client to uncover the truth, assess the situation and work with you to restore confidence. Call us at 217.331.6691.

"It could never happen here"

Fraud is big business with annual global losses in excess of $7 billion USD.


It happens to companies, municipalities and organizations of all sizes and types.

"Our auditors will catch it"

External auditing serves many essential purposes but fraud detection is not one of them.


Audits detect only 3% of fraud -- more than double that amount (7%) is discovered by accident.

"My staff would never do that"

The vast majority of people who commit fraud are first-time offenders.

They're often employees who live in the community. There's no single face of someone who commits fraud.

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